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Incorporated in 1946, Delaware Brick Company began as a manufacturing plant in New Castle, DE. Founded by John G. Schauber, son of the original owner of the Chestertown Brick Co. in Chestertown, MD, Delaware Brick Company is still owned by the Schauber family. We manufactured our own brick and distributed brick from other manufactures primarily from North and South Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

In the 1950’s, the corporation opened a sales office in the Wilmington area referred to as Prices Corner. In the 1960’s, we expanded again with a sales office in Dover in order to be of service to the entire State of Delaware. This expansion allowed us to strengthen the commercial market within our industry.

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It was in 1979 that we ceased the manufacture of brick from our local plant, and focused our commitment to representing brick and stone from major manufacturing sites from the entire United States. As we secured these exclusive rights to represent brick and stone in the State of Delaware, we were then able to grow our business into the State of Maryland with a strong presence in both the commercial and residential market.

In 1994, we opened our sales office in Chestertown, MD with a division known as Chestertown Brick & Tile as well as in Easton, MD with a division known as New Brick & Tile.

In our 63-year history, the expansion of our four yards has allowed us to represent our brick, block and stone products into the area from Delaware County, Pennsylvania throughout the State of Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Board of Directors

  • Margaret M. Hinton
  • Frank P. Schauber
    Vice President
  • Sean C. Callaghan
    Owner/Board Member
  • Kenneth B. Barnes Jr.
    Owner/Board Member
  • Michael J. Hinton
    Owner/Board Member